Module 1

A skilled youth-team accompanies refugees from 6 to 26 years old to free-time or sports activities to  different clubs and associations. Young refugees get the opportunity to enroll in activities really easily and quickly and participate in them regularly.

To make this offer possible and sustainable, the Stadtjugendring conducted a training course for the youth-team members (from 15 to 23 years old) from January 2014 till July 2015. After a training course conducted by the Stadtjugendring the youth-team would pick up the teenagers at their accommodation, bring them to the club and back home afterwards until they were ready to make it possible by themselves. The closest cooperation partner was the Sportkreisjugend who provided contacts to the youth leaders and coaches in the clubs, assisted the migration services at the refugee accommodation who signed up the refugees.

The Stadtjugendring (SJR) coordinated the mediation between the children and teenagers with their activities and mentored the different youth teams. The SJR also took care of the communication between the groups and the monitors in the clubs. The exact amount of trained teams and integrated refugees is documented. Sports activities had the most requests. Thanks to the idea of mentoring sport sponsors who helped the mediation between the associations and the refugee-accommodations, the “get2gether”- team has signed an engagement in July 2016.


This concept can be transferred. There is a clear and quick process for registering interested children and teenagers by the social workers: from a checklist with the needs for the first contacts with the refugee to the end of the company. The registration forms are very straightforward which makes the communication easier between all the different parties: coaches, families, teenagers and social workers. Thanks to the transparent cooperation, the personal development of the refugee children and adolescence, shaped in the course of the activities, can contribute to the advisory process of social workers. The ongoing documentation also helps to make some statistics to analyze the integration of young refugees in the Youth Work Associations.