The project

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Originally, “get 2gether” was an initiative created by a group of teenagers in 2012 during an international youth meeting. Teenagers from Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Germany, Spain, France and Italy got together to talk about the progress and the consequences of youth migration following the “Arab Spring”. The exchange of information about the daily-life realities from each participant promoted an intercultural learning process and sensitized them to different aspects of migration in Europe. On the basis of the results of this meeting there was a strong wish to  transpose our ideas to real projects for more integration of young refugees and migrants and the strengthening of participation structures in the North African states ( more information in the “Abschlussbericht des Projekts Jugendmigrationsrat, Hrsg. Stadtjugendring Stuttgart e.v., 2015). This is how the project of “get 2gether” was realized in Stuttgart: a team composed of teenagers personally accompanied the newcomers to sport and free-time activities to different partner clubs of the Stadtjugenring Stuttgart. This collaboration ended only when the newcomers were granted an autonomous participation to these activities.

The success of “get 2gether” inspired us to extend the project and integrate more professional structures. Since January 2015 the youth initiative project is part of the Stadtjugendring Stuttgart with a special focus on youth participation. The closest partners are the Sportkreisjugend Stuttgart, the Jugendwerk der AWO-Württemberg and the Ev. Jugend Stuttgart/ZEBRA.  Sustainable structures for the integration of young refugees will be built during the project term from January 2015 to July 2017.